I Get Where You Are

Mar 30, 2021

I remember sitting underneath the counter at my consignment store wishing I had someone who understood what was happening.  Who knew that I was drowning under the weight of all of the incoming and who got the elation of a stellar sales day.  Someone I could call and reach out to and ask all the random questions that came to my mind.  I wish I had a consignment consultant.

As I sit here now working on trying to get all the information into the MOMENTUM Membership Group, those moments haven't been lost.  It's exactly the reason why this program exists.  Having a consignment consultant who gets you is key to knowing if you have the right fit.  Being able to reach out and trust that the person on the other side is willing to listen and offer guidance would have been what I needed back then.  And I know it is what you need, too.  

Changes won't happen overnight, but the steady progress of moving forward and building upon the foundations we work through will definitely let you see progress in business and yourself.  You'll never hear me telling you what you absolutely HAVE to do, because each situation is different.  You'll never hear me telling you that you are behind, because we all have to work at our own pace.  And, you'll never hear me belittle or call someone out in public, because my job is to work with you and encourage you - but I do believe in shouting someone's accomplishments.

Trust comes as we grow and as we gain that MOMENTUM to take flight.   As your consignment consultant, I'm right there with you in the middle of it all.