The New Social Media App THREADS

nextlevelresale threadaverse threads Jul 06, 2023

In just over 7 hours of launching the new app, Threads (Instagram's competition to Twitter) there have been over 10 million downloads and it is ranked #1 in the free app downloads.  Crazy, huh?  I feel like I'm a little late to the party because it took me a day to do it and already I'm scrolling like a fiend checking it all out.  

Here are some of the things I've learned about Threads that might help you as you navigate the new "Threadaverse":

  • You log in using your Instagram account credentials - you can import your IG profile
  • You can follow and connect with others
  • The feed is from people/posts you follow and other recommended content 
  • You can start a new post or reply, like and share
  • Posts are up to 500 characters long | Add videos up to 5 minutes long |  Add photos & links
  • You can share a Threads post to your IG account or as a link to other platforms
  • You can follow (tap + next to an account profile OR unfollow (tap ... on a thread posted by the profile you want to unfollow, then tap unfollow & confirm)
  • You can find your settings by tapping the 2 lines in the upper right corner
  • In the Privacy setting (tap the 2 lines in the upper right corner and hit Privacy), you can go into your Hidden Words (just like Instagram) and block certain spammy words that get used (Promote, Promote it on, Send, Send pic, etc - it comes over from Instagram settings).
  • You can set your Threads app to remind you to take a break when you spend a certain amount of time on it (10/20/30 minutes) . 
    • Tap the 2 lines in the upper right corner
    • Tap Account
    • Tap take a break and set the timer
  • You can't delete the Threads app, but you can deactivate it.  The only way to delete your Threads profile is to delete your Instagram account.
    • Tap the 2 lines in the upper right corner
    • Tap Account
    • Tap Deactivate Profile
  • It is only available as an app - there isn't a desktop version
  • No limits on the number of threads (posts) you make
  • There isn't a way to DM (direct message)
  • For those under 16, Threads is private by default
  • You can make your Threads account private at any time - it starts as public.  Change to private in your profile.

Be sure to follow us  - you can find us at NextLevelResale!  See you in the Threadaverse!